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Last modification: 02/18/2024

Preliminary article

Any decision by an Administrator, whether guided by an article of the rules or not, must be respected by users. The rules may change at any time, so you are requested to keep yourself informed regularly. By logging into the Werewolves Online game you explicitly certify :

  • That you have read and accepted the rules
  • That you agree to respect it to the letter
  • You understand that these articles act as law and that sanctions are non-negotiable

Article 1

Any action whatsoever that may damage the reputation, integrity, solvency, balance or proper functioning of the game is prohibited and punishable.

Article 2

Insults, racist and discriminatory remarks, disrespect or provocations towards another player are prohibited and will be severely punished.

Article 3

Take advantage of a bug or harm the game thanks to it is prohibited and subject to heavy penalties depending on the severity.

Article 4

Werewolves Online cannot be held responsible for stopping its activities. No refund can be made for purchases made on the game, if you are banned for violating any of these rules you will not be refunded either. However, Werewolves Online is committed to doing everything possible to keep the server stable and open every day of the year.

Article 5

Werewolves Online are not responsible for the loss of statistics, friends or any other information to which you have access on the application in the event of a bug. None of this information, even with supporting evidence, can be linked to your account in the event of loss. However, Werewolves Online is committed to doing everything possible to prevent this kind of situation from happening.

Article 6

If you defend someone who has deliberately broken any of these rules, you will receive the same sanction as the latter.

Article 7

Advertising for any other application and website is strictly prohibited.

Article 8

Reselling your account for real money is strictly prohibited and subject to permanent ban from our platforms and in certain cases of legal proceedings.

Article 9

All payments are final and no refund, chargeback or bank opposition can take place, and this under no pretext. If you do not receive your product during a payment, we invite you to contact us at the email address contact@computerdev.fr.

Article 10

Any cheating and/or disclosure of his role or that of another player is prohibited and will be severely punished.

Article 11

When you add a player as a friend you accept that he can send you private messages and join your private games. You have the ability to remove players from your friends list at any time.

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